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What is COMPASS?

Free Saltwater Angler Registration

In 2010, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) instituted a saltwater angler registry requirement in order to survey and assess recreational fishing impacts and contributions to the management of migratory fish. Maryland created the free saltwater angler registration to comply with this NOAA registry requirement. The Maryland Saltwater Angler Registration is free and valid for a saltwater angler that is fishing:
  • On a boat with a current MD, VA, or PRFC Consolidated Bay & Coastal Sport Boat License (also known as the Pleasure Boat Decal) and are not licensed individually;
  • On MD salt and tidal waters as a waterfront property owner or family member from your private property;
  • From MD private property or an attached pier on the tidal Potomac River, as an owner or a non-licensed guest; or
  • At a free fishing area.
You do not need this registration if you are: If you intend to fish the salt and tidal waters of Virginia, please visit to register with Virginia.